Karri O’Reilly  -  producer, production manager (PGA, DGA)


From script breakdowns to budgets, production through delivery, I can provide you with the tools and experience to bring your production in on time, on schedule and on budget.

Worldwide production services including:

Producing * Line Producing * Production Management * Budgeting and Scheduling * Production Consulting * Post Production Supervision and Accounting * Delivery * Incentive/Rebate Planning, Preparation and Submission * Union/Guild Signatory Paperwork Preparation



WHat can I do for you?

“Karri brings a wealth of experience having produced and managed productions throughout North America and internationally, and let’s not forget that she is smart, reliable and unfailingly dedicated to her work.”  - 
             Reuben Liber,       
           Ranger 7 Films

Goat *2016 Sundance Selection

*2016 Golden globe and oscar nominee